Are you frustrated or overwhelmed with all these website and social media options out there? Do you need a website or marketing materials for your business? Let’s talk! My consultations are free of charge. Email me at info@helios-designs.com, or use my contact form.

I am Karen Wegehenkel, an Independend Web/Graphic Designer, located on the Eastside of Seattle WA. Being in the webdesign business for over 16 years, I have witnessed (and helped) the web grow up.

Because there is a lot to keep up with, I am focusing on clean html/css (incl. mobile) and two database solutions: WordPress (cms) and Opencart (online store). My design drafts are created with Photoshop; logos, icons and illustrations with Illustrator. Throw some Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ into the mix, and you get a pretty good idea what I can do for you. (If that’s too much Mumbo Jumbo for you, don’t panick! No tech knowledge is necessary to work with me 🙂

Even though technologies have become more complicated, creating anything still involves the same steps: have an idea, create a plan, execute it, advertise it. All you need when you come to me is an idea. I will work with you to achieve everything else.

Here is my resume:

Work Experience

03/2002 – present
Self employed – Web and Graphic Designer Seattle Eastside

  • Dynamic website design and theme programming (HTML/CSS), WordPress and mobile
  • Keep WordPress websites safe
  • Execute static web sites from planning, design and programming to maintenance
  • Develop, test and send email-newsletters
  • Branding (logo development, business cards & letterheads, mostly for new businesses and products)
  • Provide graphic design services including brochures, marketing materials, package design, photo editing, ads etc.
  • Illustrations for stock, assignment and a children’s book

1/1999 – 02/2002
Amazon.de – Screen Designer Munich, Germany

  • Created illustrations/icons for Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr resulting in a more harmonized look of the European sites
  • Developed guidelines for editorial images, resulting in faster creation times and a more unified look
  • Designed new web pages for Amazon stores, orderpipeline and other to improve recent design
  • Worked closely with developers, project managers, editors and the marketing department
  • Provided graphic design services to marketing department to improve implementation of guidelines in printing material

10/1998 – 07/1999
Amazon.com – Graphic Design Intern Seattle, WA and Regensburg, Germany

  • Created E-Cards, including illustrations and animations for Amazon.com
  • Edited and optimized existing E-Card images, including thumbnail creation and entry in database
  • Assisted product photo shoots for Amazon.com toys department, edited and optimized images including cropping, color corrections and sharpness



Online Courses with Adobe, EPN and Craftsy for Adobe Products and Photography

Bellevue Community College Bellevue, WA
Day Seminars and Evening Courses for Adobe Photoshop, Drawing, Illustration and Photography

HTK Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Graphic Design

Technical University, Dresden Dresden, Germany
German Studies, Psychology, Communication Science

Meissen Porcelain Meissen Germany
4 Year Artisan Apprenticeship (formal, mostly practical education to become a craftsman):

  • Drawing and Painting (1st year): Composition, Perspective, Anatomy
    watercolor painting and drawing of flowers, birds, people etc.
  • Form Design Handicraft with raw clay and porcelain (2nd to 4th year)
  • also covering history of the porcelain and the manufactury, sourcing and chemical composition of clays and similar substances, casting techniques, forming, firing, and glazing
  • and actual production of pieces for the sales floor.


Computer Skills:

  • Expert skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • Expert HTML and CSS skills, WordPress theme development experience
  • Iphone App Design experience
  • Advanced skills in Adobe InDesign, Fireworks, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint

Language Skills:
Fluent in German and English

Other Skills
Photography, drawing, painting, sculpting


Please contact me directly for work references.

Personal Things

I was born in Pirna, Germany (near Dresden), and moved to the US in 2002. Now I live in Bellevue, just outside of Seattle, and enjoy it very much.

Creating art has always been a passion of mine, as long as I can remember. With being a screen designer I am living my dream. I am very grateful that I can occupy my days with something I love so much. Thank you for making this possible!