This illustration was created to show off some of my Adobe Illustrator skills, like masking, blends, gradients, layering, etc. As a basis I used the girl from another illustration I had done previously.

This picture was inspired by my twin sister’s wedding. It came to me in a dream and is still one of my favorites.

Sleeping babies are like little angels: cute and peaceful. This illustration was sold in 2006.

The black horse was created in 2002 as free work. It shows a black andalusian stallion held by a man dressed in spanish clothes in a very simplified style.

Three horse racing each other, shown from above.

After doing an assignment for Weltbild, I finished the rejected sketch (the one I liked best) of this frog from the fairy tale.

Cats don’t care what people think. They have unique personalities and know how to get what they want. This illustration got sold to Weltbild in 2005.

My little niece’s confirmation inspired me to do this illustration. She is not quite so little anymore now…

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