Excellent Branding and having a Marketing strategy are key to building your brand and to get the word out about your unique business offers. Let Helios Designs help you build yours!

Ways to Great Branding and Marketing

You are unique and so is your business! Let me help you communicate your distinctiveness to your customers effectively with outstanding branding and marketing. This includes a great design as much as having a marketing strategy in place.

Effective branding:

  • make you stand out and be remembered,
  • raises the perceived value of your company,
  • attracts and retains loyal customers,
  • will make your business trustworthy,

which will get you more projects and clients. A visual identity does not just mean having a logo. Effective branding uses a specific color palette, fonts and certain visuals throughout all company communications to create a consistent look and feel.

This does not mean it is boring. A great identity design leaves room for creativity within its guidelines.

Interested to learn more?

Let’s connect and discuss how effective branding can benefit YOUR business!

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Can‘t afford working with a designer?

Figuring things out by yourself can be fun, but for entrepreneurs it is most often really stressful, and it takes time away from the things you really like doing to get your product and/or service out into the world. So let me ask you this: Can you afford NOT working with a designer?

Let me help you ease your stress!

You can focus on what is important to you while I work on a great design for your project and help you develop and implement whatever marketing plan works best for your business.

Together let’s make your dream a reality!

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A good strategy helps you stay on track with your efforts, and also gives you a way to test out and measure what works and what doesn’t. It means using beautifully presented content strategically by giving useful information to your potential customers, which at the same time gives you an opportunity to offer your products and/or services to these people. But even the people that don’t buy from you will benefit from good content and might share it with others.

Just offering free content – for instance by writing a blog or posting on social media – does not necessarily help your brand – and business – succeed. You need to combine it with a specific ASK. This can be hard for entrepreneurs and startups. Helios Designs can help you set up a marketing strategy for your own unique situation.

Marketing has gotten a bad rep as many marketers in the past have been using ‘Push Marketing’ that uses fear and coercion to sell instead of offering something that is truly useful.

Helios Designs utilizes “Conscious Marketing” that strategically uses the origin story and values of a company to appeal to the customers that can benefit from its products and services. No coercion or fear are needed or used – EVER!

A marketing strategy for an entrepreneur or startup could be as simple as

  • Combining a Website and a Brochure / Business Cards
    A good looking brochure can be handed out to potential customers, while the website has more in-depth information about the products and services the business offers.
    Through networking efforts, the brochure and business cards make a first impression and serve as a reminder for potential clients or referral partners
  • LinkedIn or similar networks and a blog
    Writing a blog on your business website about your products / services and posting it on Linkedin to create interest.
    Part of this strategy needs to be growing your network and get others to follow and connect with you.
  • Website with Newsletter and Social Media Content
    Another excellent marketing strategy could be a periodical newsletter. This is a very versatile strategy because content can be used in many different ways – in the newsletter, on a website blog and in social media posts. Also, newsletters are known to be one of the most effective ways to market to people.
    Part of this strategy needs to be growing your list of emails.
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