What I Am Doing Now

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers (an author/entrepreneur/thinker I greatly admire). He explains why everybody should have a “now” page: https://sive.rs/now2

Updated May 20, 2024 from my home in Southern Oregon, USA.

“My” Stamp To Release June 17

More than a decade ago, I took a photo of my beautiful gray Arab-Trakehner mare Cats Charity, and it ended up on a stamp of the United States Postal Service. It is part of a collection of 6 different stamps. The sheet will be released on June 17, 2024, and can be ordered here: https://www.stampsforever.com/stamps/horses

Charity was in her early teens when the picture was taken, still with darker mane at that point. She was an amazing horse that has taught me so much!

Developing Siskiyou Vital Medicine, Vital Edge Health websites and marketing

Siskiyou Vital Medicine (SVM), my favorite doctors office in Southern Oregon, hired me to keep their website up and do their marketing – newsletter, social media and any print matter (business cards, rack cards, banners etc). I am LOVING this work where I can fully immerse myself with an added sense of purpose. SVM is doing their part to steering health care into a direction where it actually gets people back to complete and vibrant health.

Vital Edge Health (VEH) is the Direct Primary Care network for employers, which can potentially save businesses thousands of dollars while giving their employees much better health care providers. “Better” here meaning “effective”.

Boosting Sunny J Lindley’s website and marketing

Sunny is a local eco artist, urban farmer and homesteader who teaches her skills to our community. She focuses on natural art and a thoughtful and regenerative lifestyle and has lived it for decades. I am helping her streamline her website, get a newsletter going, set up posts on social media. Gardening with the land – and without the use of chemicals – is dear to my heart, and I am grateful I can help Sunny getting the word out.

Growing My Own Garden

I just love puttering around in the garden, getting beds prepared for planting, sewing seeds in little containers, planting seedlings in bigger containers, putting dead leaves onto my compost or on a bed for mulch and so many things more! In the morning, the first thing I do is go out the back door and say hello to my garden. I have put off mowing the back yard, just so see how it develops with the grass being longer. Because of my work last year with Scott McGuire and the Talking Plants Garden Club I have a much better understanding now how gardening works, why mulching is important, why soil needs roots, how to build an effective compost pile, why flowers do more than look pretty, how to communicate with nature, and so much more. A garden is not just for taking out food. Giving to the garden is just as important, and now I understand what Scott means with “Grow the Soil”.