Sacred Geometry in Design - Helios Designs Logo

Symbolism of the Helios Designs logo
helios designs logo

Today I would like to talk about the symbols that I have been expressing in my own logo.

Sun. Light. Warmth. Imagination and Enlightenment. This is what the color Yellow stands for. For my logo, this color was perfect, as my intention with this business is to help entrepreneurs find their true selves, support them in discovering the highest expression of their gifts and talents.

“Helios” is the greek god and personification of our sun. This central star of our solar system is the source of life on our planet. Without the sun, we would not exist. It is therefore elemental to us, and a powerful symbol of life itself. I feel a strong connection to the sun, to its warmth, to its light. This is why I chose this symbol as my business’ logo.

Now let’s go a little deeper into the symbolism I have combined here.

Around the sun symbol, eleven s-shaped rays radiate, alternating with eleven straight rays that emanate from the sun’s center. Eleven is an angel number concerning one’s soul mission and greater life purpose. It is also called a “master number”, and made up of the number 1. One symbolizes wholeness. Going through the journey of life, 1 is where all starts, and 1 is also where it ends.

One plus one is two, which represents duality and opposites. Life, the divine that only knows wholeness, can only experience itself through separation, and so the number two is very important to anyone incarnate. With duality, tension is created, which seeks resolution, but also adds interest. In perfect contentment there is no learning. With opposites, the divine can experience itself, with the goal of bringing it all back into oneness.

The two types of rays – curved and straight – integrate the combination of male and female strategies I embrace within my designs.

The sun in my logo has a face in the shape of a heart, pointing to the heart centered approach I am taking with my customers. The sun’s facial features – eyes, nose, mouth – are in perfect symmetry to create balance and harmony. Symmetrical faces are experienced by humans as the most beautiful.

On the cheeks and nose of the sun are four spirals. Spirals are very prominent in nature and can be found all around us. Spirals also represent the cyclical nature of time – there are similarities yet slight differences each time a new cycle comes around. And spirals are at the center of our spiritual connection as well.

On the forehead of the sun sits a rounded crystal, pointing to the third eye connection my business has with its clients. Instead of a diamond shape, I used a rounded tear drop to point at the kindness I bring into my relationship with clients.

The background pattern is composed of 11 circles that have been repeated four times, getting smaller and lighter each time. This creates a flower like appearance that perfectly corresponds to the rays of the sun and represents the layers of meaning and beauty that come with my designs.

For the font I modified a bold rounded typeface, slightly changing its proportions to make it my own. As noted earlier, the roundedness symbolizes the kindness I bring into my business, and to add interest and something unexpected, the end of each stroke has one point.

Helios Designs Logo Font

Lastly, on top of the “i” in Helios, I repeated the sun’s eleven straight rays as a beacon of light, as a reminder why we are here.

As you can see, a lot of thought goes into creating a logo. Please share what you think in the comments below. And if you are interested to see how I can help you with YOUR business, please connect with me!